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What We Look For

West Hill Corporate Finance have access to an impressive pipeline of many types of business, at different stages of development and in a variety of sectors. The strategy at West Hill Capital is to select and fund companies that can in the first instance illustrate that they have significant upside and growth potential.

Funding sizes can vary but generally range between £1–10m. We look for an attractive value proposition, a scalable business plan and a strong management team with a demonstrable track record of success. These are fast growing businesses that have a well-positioned, innovative product, a genuine USP and a clearly defined exit strategy. We will also, where possible, endeavour to package these investments in tax-efficient wrappers such as the Enterprise Investment Scheme.


In all instances where we raise funds for a business, West Hill Capital or its principals will seek to take an equity interest in the company and hence have a vested financial interest in its success.

This confirms our long-term commitment to the project and also serves to align our interests with that of investors. Together with West Hill Corporate Finance, we work closely with our portfolio companies, where applicable providing advice and insight and also potentially placing contacts of ours on the board of the companies. These will often be high profile individuals that provide a wealth of sector experience, ensuring that there is shareholder representation at the top level of the company.


In conjunction with our colleagues at West Hill Corporate Finance, we source opportunities, carry out extensive research on each prospect, negotiate the terms of the deal, oversee the legal documentation and then present all of this work in the form of a comprehensive placing memorandum.

Each document will give a concise description of all aspects of the business in question, highlighting the investment terms, the management profile, the potential risks as well as the upside case and exit strategy. Our fundraising team is available to answer any questions but ultimately the final decision on whether or not to invest is made by the investor.


West Hill Capital provide both capital growth and income opportunities via equity, debt or combined structures.

We adopt a non-fund based approach where investors have the opportunity to make direct investments into individual companies. This is an unusual model which more experienced investors appreciate as it means that they have a level of control as to where their money is invested. Of course this is contrary to a VCT for example, where capital is placed by the fund manager across an array of different businesses and the investor has little or no say as to where their funds are eventually invested. The fundamental principle of diversification over a number of companies remains, but at West Hill Capital investors have the opportunity progressively to build a bespoke, tax-efficient portfolio of self-selected individual investments.


Business plans are of course important but it is people that ultimately make companies successful. It is vital that management can demonstrate a depth of knowledge and understanding of their market and also a degree of flexibility in order to effectively manage the variables that a company encounters.

We aim to identify strong management teams that have illustrated a solid track record of success as well as a commitment to the business both financially and in terms of their enthusiasm. Finally, management must have a clear and credible strategy to expand the company, add value and of course to create an exit event enabling shareholders to realise a profitable return.


Our companies write to shareholders on a regular basis to keep them abreast of developments from the initial investment through to exit.

We provide a twice yearly review of the portfolio and we also host investor conferences which enable shareholders to meet with management of investee companies and talk to them directly.

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