Exit Planning

Exit Planning

West Hill Capital considers exit possibilities before funding a business and periodically refines these exit plans post investment. It is an important aspect of the initial due-diligence process thoroughly to assess how and when a realisation may be achieved.

As a pre-requisite to investment, the management of investee companies will need to demonstrate that they have a credible strategy to create shareholder liquidity, usually within a 3-5 year time frame. This of course is not a prescriptive plan but rather a good understanding of what a potential buyer will look for and what will be required to achieve one of the various exit opportunities.

Typically, exits come in the form of a capital gain either through a trade-sale to a larger company, financial buyer or a stock market quotation facilitating a sale of the investor’s shareholding. The West Hill Corporate Finance team provides ongoing support and guidance to investee companies. A significant advantage that companies have in working with West Hill is that we have existing long-term relationships with institutions and family offices. Therefore, if a company is looking to raise further expansion capital at larger funding levels we are able to make high level introductions with a view to facilitating that, provided this is beneficial to the company and its shareholders. Our knowledge of the sector and understanding of the requirements of institutional investors allows us to tailor our selection process so as we are raising capital for attractive businesses in growth markets.

The key is to select portfolio companies that have good potential to become a target alongside an attractive risk/reward ratio in their business model. We look to identify companies with valuable characteristics that may be attractive to larger competitors or to a new company looking to enter their market. In all instances we believe that the investee companies that we select will grow significantly following the funding and as such provide potentially significant returns to shareholders.

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